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Early Childhood Program

The Little Souls Early Childhood program prides itself on individually catering to each of our children based on our observations and frequent, open communication with parents. As a family style centre input from parents and families about their child’s interests, strengths and weaknesses enables our team of educators to create a dynamic and exciting educational environment. With the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as a foundation our program is designed to use a wide variety of resources to engage our pupils in many areas of development.


Family Input

As a homely and family style centre we aim to provide many opportunities for family input and participation. We seek and value family feedback, ideas and involvement. We respect that you have your own individual hopes and goals for your child and endeavour to consider that in the implementation of our program. Families are able to follow their child’s day through our parent login where learning stories and daily program journals can be viewed. We strongly encourage and promote verbal interaction between ourselves and the families in our program. Many opportunities are provided for families to join their child in the classroom through organised events such as Mother’s/Father’s day afternoon tea, open days, Grandparent’s day, Easter celebrations, Christmas celebrations and families coming to share skills, hobbies and talents with the children.

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