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Rachael, Summer's mum had this to say about her time here at Little Souls


Putting Summer into Little Souls was the best decision I made. With Little Souls being an early intervention centre as well as a child care centre I found that Summer really excelled in her learning.  Little Souls is very much a family oriented centre and because of this I feel Summer felt really comfortable there and always enjoyed herself.   


Summer was a very shy and quiet two and a half year old when she first started at Little Souls but with the help of the wonderful staff and all the different children who attended the centre Summer came out of her shell and really began to open up. Little Souls has the early intervention component focused around children with autism and because of this I believe the staff are the most patient, kind, caring, understanding and nurturing group of child care workers I have ever encountered. 


Another benefit from Summer attending Little Souls is the understanding and knowledge that we all as a family gained about autism. Incorporating all the children together for different parts of the day is a great way to cater to every child but still be able to give individual attention to each child and I feel attending Little Souls and mixing with children with a range of abilities has made Summer a more compassionate and caring child herself.


I would recommend Little Souls to anyone looking for a friendly, supportive, well structured, family oriented child care centre.




Sharnna, Ayva's mum had this to say about her time here at Little Souls


Hello my name is Sharnna and my daughter’s name is Ayva..


Ayva attended Little Souls for two and half years before moving in to big school. The reason for us choosing Little Souls initially was because it was in our area. From day one Little Souls made Ayva feel very welcome and the staff always gave her just as much of their time, knowledge and attention as any other child attending. There were so many times we were told how Ayva had helped the children with autism that attend, just as much as we were told how they in return had helped Ayva.


I would gladly encourage any person/s looking for a great preschool for their child to attend Little Souls.

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