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Our Philosophy




We believe that all children are individuals and therefore endeavour to create an atmosphere in which the children feel secure and happy whilst we cater to each child’s unique wants, needs and interests. Whilst working within the guidelines of the Early Years Learning Framework.


We believe that each child’s development is unique and opportunities must be provided for the child to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, creatively and spiritually.


We understand that in order to make both children and their parents feel comfortable, we must provide a secure, safe and well-supervised centre at all times.


We understand that within our culturally diverse society, all people have the fundamental right to have differing opinions, attitudes, life-styles and customs.  We therefore endeavour to respect all of these differences and provide care accordingly.


We understand that the best way for a child to learn is through discovery, and this is best achieved by providing ample opportunities for extended play.  Our programming is therefore based upon individual needs and interests, following the Early Years Learning Framework Guidelines.


We understand that as educators, we all have differing philosophies, attitudes, values and life-styles.  We shall, however, strive to communicate with one another in order to provide the best team possible to care for your child.

We believe that a child’s opportunities to explore the environment should not be limited by gender-based stereotypes, therefore all activities are offered to all children.


We aim to respect the special relationship between children and their families, and therefore incorporate a parental perspective when interacting with children.


We recognise Early Childhood as a unique and valuable stage of life and accept that each phase within a child’s development is important in its own right.

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